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Città Costiera

all kinds of things

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CLOSED. Thank you for watching, commenting and appreciating my work.

Città Costiera
icons, textures, profile codes

⇒ Welcome everyone! This is a livejournal community were I post my graphics, which is mostly icons and icon textures, sometimes profile codes and banners. Currently all the entries here are open, so you don't need to be a member to see my work, but I'd be very happy if you join or watch this community. If you're looking for some specific icons, tag list may be helpful. Still can't find what you're looking for or just have a question? Contact me in the comments to the latest post or send me a PM.

⇒ Please read the following rules, they're quite simple:
- always credit Città Costiera when using any of my icons. Not doing so is just plain rude to the maker and all other people who might wanna see the rest of the maker's work;
- if using my textures, credit the community in the resources list or anywhere else;
- icons are not bases, unless stated otherwise;
- don't hotlink, don't alter, don't claim as yours;
- what else?.. Oh, right - enjoy! :)

⇒ Affiliates:
obsidian_gaze ¦ betweenthewoods ¦ sacredicons ¦ bleedys_icons ¦ roxicons ¦ apply here

⇒ Useful links & credits:
Miss Claire Holt ¦ resources ¦ css ¦ INVISIBLE CHILDREN

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